[Original submission to entry] Muse creative awards | Platinum winner 2017 | Business Card category | Still the Planet Matters of Drezier Communications [Design, Branding, Craftsmanship]


Affiliating with Drezier Communications, this blog records our observation or inspiration about architecture, arts, branding, culture, design, retailing, style, trends and aesthetic. 對靈感與啟發在此記錄,集結着文字塊,迴盪於建築、藝術、品牌包裝、文化、設計、零售、風格、趨勢,以至美學之二三事。

Drezier Communication Recycling/Upcycling Name Cards :: Tailor Brands Dressier. Still the Planet Matters.

Drezier Communications (hereinafter ‘Drezier’) is an edgy yet savvy branding and design studio in Hong Kong. Dedicated to holistic branding and high-style communication arts, Drezier provides multi-discipline creative & design services, executes outside-the-box strategies and crafts problem-solving bespoke deliverables, from conception to implementation seamlessly.


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