20th Century Masterpieces : : Chair Series

20th Century Masterpieces : : Chair series

Due to a latest project of renovation design, a detailed research was conveyed in design history and relative elements of design movement. Nevertheless, a load of photos, taken at a exhibition in Carette Shiodome of Japan in 2005, was recorded tens of chair masterpieces; and chairs have been experienced personally.

Introduction of those masterpieces is a good idea to share with others. From today onward, this “20th Century Masterpieces* :: Chair Series” are issued introducing one chair at a time in this blog, possibly once in a week.

*  “20th Century Masterpieces” tag is used for this series.

鑒於近日剛完成一個裝修設計項目,設計之前會深入再鑽研設計歷史及其元素,沿用該建築興建時期的風格,並融入更強現代感。其間,更發現於 2005 年攝影的日本汐留 Caretta 商場的百椅傑作展的照片。當時,不能全數拍下,亦拍了數十張並親自體驗。


* 用 「20th Century Masterpieces」作標籤。


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